Top 5 Places to Visit in Krabi, Thailand

by - July 16, 2017

Whoever visited Krabi have to make it compulsory to visit the Blue Pool (which is the photo I used for the cover post by the way). The pool is accessible by 1.4KM boardwalks from the entrance. It may cause someone with low heat tolerance to have anxiety (blame tropical humidity & thick forests) before reaching the pool. But once you are there, humidity and mosquitoes can't beat the crystal clear periwinkle blue water.

The journey was about 23KM from city centre by which if you took any day trip packages available, the Blue Pool is hardly will be missed. Admission was 200 THB (MYR 25) per person which provides you access to the Emerald Pool as well. 

For those who are fond to the lovely, gentle giants, please do venture on an elephant trek in Krabi! There are multiple range of packages available from a 1-2 hour trek (from 800 THB) up to a half day trek across the jungle (from 1,850 THB)!

Enjoy azure, vast open-sea with multi-coloured blue and crystal clear sandy beaches. Take a speed-boat day trip island hopping to the Bamboo Island which you definitely can't miss when visiting Krabi!

Day trip ranges from 1,500 THB up to 8,000 THB if you fancy a private lunch & tea time overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Please do not miss swimming at the beach that was made famous by Leonardo DeCaprio in one of his movies. Phi Phi Island was only 20 - 30 minutes away from the aforementioned Bamboo Island. And the good news is, when you took a day trip to Bamboo Island, the package normally includes a stop at Phi Phi Island too!

On days where you would like to relax, or unwind after a whole day of snorkelling & island hopping, Ao Nang beach is the place. The waves are gentle, producing a serene sound to calm our mind and body anytime of the day. 

BONUS : Loh Samah Bay

This one is advisable not to be missed when you are at Phi Phi Island. It took only about 15 minutes on foot by the sandy island to reach here. You are able to swim here too due to the lack of sea current. 

Tips : 
  • Book your trips at the airport upon arrival through the agencies available. We managed to score 5,000 THB/pax for 4 days 3 nights tour to all attractions mentioned including airport transfer.
  • For muslims, book a hotel at Ao Nang beach proximity as they offers a lot of halal street foods.

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